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 Frequently Asked Questions 
Who is RemovalCrew.com and what do they do?
We are a full service junk, hoarder, and household items removal company. Our upfront flat price includes the labor, loading, and disposal.

Servicing residential, commercial and industrial customers either on a continued basis or one time job. No matter if you have one item (sofa, mattress, TV, garage of unwanted items) or a whole warehouse of items.

We load it up in our trucks and vans and take care of it for you. You call and make an appointment with Dale at 775.786.3331 and he will personally visit with you to look at the space and items in order to give you a free estimate for a low, up-front and all inclusive price. If the price is satisfactory we could remove it right then and there or we will make an appointment for a future, more convenient time.

We are Reno’s quality hoarder removal company. We also are specialists in removing a loved one’s belongings who have passed in order to get it to someone who can benefit, while freeing up your space to make life easier. Call today for a free estimate.
How much does RemovalCrew.com’s services cost?
Currently we are offering a FREE consultation with a minimum $100 hauling charge per job. Some jobs are negotiable on price.
What Item Can You Take Away?
We could haul away almost anything unless it is hazardous. Below is a list of stuff we can take away
  • Furniture- Couches, sofa’s, beds, mattresses, desks, bookshelves, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Construction materials- scrap and salvage, wire and metal, excess and extra lumber, tools no longer needed or wanted.
  • Appliances- Refrigerators, stoves, washer & dryer, freezers.
  • Garage, shed, attic: books, old tools, tires, cardboard, boxes, toys, etc.
  • Electronics- Televisions, CPU’s, monitors, copy machines, Printers, game consoles.
  • Metals- steel, copper, aluminum, batteries.
  • Junk cars-boats, jet skis, motorcycles, motors, car parts etc.
  • And much much more.
What Do You Do With The Items You Remove?
It depends what items you have. We recycle and donate as much as possible. Salvageable items will be donated. Other items that can be recycled will go to an appropriate recycling center. The rest of items will go to a transfer station or dump station.
What are your hours?


We try and cater to all of our clients needs. If you need to make any special arrangements that are not within the business hours please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How far in advance should I scheduled My appointment?
Please call right away for the best appointment time. Most appointments should be scheduled in advanced. Please call and ask for Dale 775.786.3331.
What we don’t take?
We cant remove any hazardous materials or medical waste. We also can't remove pets or people (yes, we really do get asked!) 
What comes with the Truck?
Experience and hard work that is able to finish the job quickly and
efficiently in a caring manner.
 Contact us today 
Text pictures and call us today at 775-786-3331. Ask Dale for the best price!

I would gladly pay Removal Crew what they charged again at any time.
I had two days to empty my father’s house of 35 years. Aside from doing exactly what they promised, I could not believe how compassionate they were. When what we agreed to was too little of time in order to get the job done, they cleaned their schedule for me. They are outstanding people.
- Arne Schoeller
"Our motto is Cheaper – Better– Faster. You deal directly with the owner. There is no franchise fee, no brand new truck payment and no 1-800 corporate overhead. The savings will be passed directly to you, leaving more money in your pocket, without compromising the quality of the work."
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Dale Ehrgott

We are committed to reusing the resources around us.

We Donate And Recycle

We donate and recycle as much as possible to local community outlets such as Salvation Army, Committee To Aid Abused Women (CAAW) , SPCA NevadaTeen ChallengeCovenant House and others.
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